Violent incident rocks Skopje air traffic control




An on-duty air traffic controller at Skopje Airport was beaten last Thursday after several people entered M-NAV’s air traffic controller centre without authorisation. As the incident took place, 36 aircraft were being supervised by the air traffic provider. The vehicles with the attackers were not stopped by the security agency that was hired to protect the perimeter of the centre, nor by M-NAV’s security in the building itself. There were reportedly up to eight people involved in the incident, with four of them now detained. Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation. The culprits are believed to be activists of one of the ruling parties in the country, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI). The incident is the culmination of days of tensions at M-NAV, where DUI-appointed managers have been trying to manipulate the hiring process in order to appoint unqualified party members to posts inside the company. The leader of the union representing the nation's air traffic controllers, Aleksandar Tasevski, has accused the DUI-appointed directors, Fahrudin Memedi and Hasim Deari, of engaging in corruption and misconduct during the hiring process and in connection with public contracts. Among the three M-NAV directors, the third, Ljube Stamenskovski, resigned ten days ago in protest against nepotism and corruption within the air service provider. In response to the allegations, Memedi and Deari had the police summon Tasevski, citing alleged threats. The union has issued a warning that it will initiate a strike, leading to the closure of the country's airspace on January 10, unless the government addresses the issues within M-NAV. Meanwhile, the Macedonian government is expected to announce the dismissal of the entire management of M-NAV today. EX-YU Aviation NewsBy: EX-YU Aviation[email protected]
Title: Violent incident rocks Skopje air traffic control
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Published Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2024 07:58:00 +0000

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